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Everyone pays their fair share

Great Taxes That Improve The Economy

  • Direct Taxes on natural resource monopoly powerImproves economic efficiency and equalizes incomes.
  • Direct taxes on special privileges such as patent protection, and banking privilegesImproves consumer choices and reduces income inequality.
  • Direct taxes on pollutionClean up your own mess or pay the rest of us for putting up with your mess.
  • Direct taxes on carbon extractionCompensation for the damage done and creates the right incentives.
  • Estate taxesDead rich people is a GREAT place to raise revenue in preference to your wages.  These should be increased as opposed to the horrible idea of eliminating them.
  • Corporate Income TaxesIncorporation is a huge privilege.  Justice requires that economic privileges be paid for.  Also, most large corporations are active rent-seekers extracting wealth through many privileged mechanisms.  An income tax is a good way to capture unearned income that is not collected from direct privilege taxes.
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Horrible Taxes

  • SalesHorrible, regressive, and it creates terrible distortions in economic behavior.
  • Value addCombines the worst of sales taxes and income taxes, while promoting even more corruption that either individually.
  • Consumption taxesAnother Republican con-job term for sales taxes.
  • Wage taxesTaxes on wages are a terrible idea.
  • Trade TariffsIn general these are to be avoided and they create huge incentives for political corruption. Nonetheless, there are certain cases in which the national interest may call for them.

Medium Good/Bad Taxes

  • Income taxes structured around privileged incomeIt’s all in the details.  No one making less than $100K should be paying income tax.
  • Sin taxesWe don’t call it sin for nothin’, and usually there are costs shoved onto others in the process.
  • Excise taxes Really just a specialized sales tax.  Some excise taxes make sense in that they may capture expenses the owner is imposing on others, such as for a Humvee sale, or other anti-social consumption.
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“What has destroyed every previous civilization has been the tendency to the unequal distribution of wealth and power.”
Henry George


It doesn’t take much to change a life, working together we can create policies that will lift those in poverty, reduce the grotesque economic inequality and develop common sense environmental policies.

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