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For markets to function a few key elements Must be present.  The usual free market criteria are shown in the box below along with commentary relevant to medical economics.

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Our medical system delivers poor overall results at exorbitant cost and systematically omits large portions of the population from needed medical assistance. These results are the actual intent of the system. We have been running the Republican game plan on medical care since Ronald Reagan. The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) was the Republican position until Obama and most of the Democrats embraced it. Since Obama Care did improve the system somewhat the Republicans now vow to destroy it no matter how many lives they wreck in the process. Or more to the point, it is especially because of which lives they will wreck. Obama Care has made things a little bit better for people at the bottom and Republicans will never allow such things. The medical system in the US should embarrass anyone wanting to believe that we are a civilized nation. The Trump/McCall axis and his Republican buddies in congress want to make medical care even more brutal and inefficient than it already is.

Aside from it’s obvious financial brutality, the US medical system should also be understood as an important tool in the Republican drive to concentrate wealth and power more generally. Everyone will have medical events within their family and they will surely be expensive and unexpected. These conditions are exactly why universal insurance is called for to manage expenses. But under our current system people in uninsured medical trouble will quickly find themselves easy prey to powerful interests. People get stuck in jobs they want to transition away from, but the big employers love this immobility. People in depleted financial straits fall easy victim to loan sharks and other forms of financial hustle. A person filing for bankruptcy from medical reasons may find it impossible to even rent an apartment. People fortunate to be in the groups targeted for having full insurance weather the crisis without financial harm. The wealthy become wealthier, while the poor are pounded without mercy. This effect on the upward distribution of wealth is intentional Republican Party policy. I would like us to set a goal that no American go bankrupt because of medical hardship

We need Universal Health Care, and Medicare expansion is the most expedient way to get there. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) can be extended to be a truly universal system.

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“When Republicans promote a free market in medicine they mean one of the following,
They don’t understand free markets, They don’t understand medical care, or they just don’t care”

Matt Harris


It doesn’t take much to change a life, working together we can create policies that will lift those in poverty, reduce the grotesque economic inequality and develop common sense environmental policies.

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